King Arthur Tower Defense

King Arthur has managed to maintain peace in his kingdom for many years.
Unfortunately, evil never rests, lurks in the dark waiting for its chance. The sacred sword Excalibur has been stolen from Camelot and is found in the Black Castle.

Join King Arthur and his knights of the round table

Draw a strategy and undertake this magnificent adventure touring the entire kingdom to reach the Black Castle.

You will face terrible undead warriors. You will fight against ferocious flying creatures. You will defeat the fearsome dark sorcerers of evil.

We need to hear your voice, your opinion, your experience.

We want to grow, improve and evolve. We can only do it with your help.

Do you like Tower Denfense and pixel art game?

Our adventure based on the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is pure strategy. You must carefully observe the order of departure and the behavior of each horde. Once you have the strategy, you must test which towers are most effective and which is the most devastating position.

It is not the typical tower defense game, you must observe, test and establish a strategy for positioning the towers and improving their powers.

Available free download at your favorite app store. This game is 100% free, no purchase will be needed:

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