Appingtown vision

Appingtown was born from the dream of two brothers, Christian and Salva, dreamers and creators, absolute fans of culture, education and entertainment.

Our vision is based on spreading the gamified culture, in such a way that the own entertainment teaches and educates. Learning is a consequence of enriched entertainment and endowed with pedagogical information.

Appingtown is a concept focused on collaboration, partnership and commitment.

Appingtown projects are based on love, passion and devotion based on the project itself, being its ultimate goal. This implies that the priority of a product is its perfection, so that the end result is the enjoyment and emotion of the end user. The rest of the components of the project remain in the second plane. That is why we say that in Appingtown we dream, design and develop heart based (Design from the heart, develop from the heart, offer from the heart)
To know the past of humanity is to know ourselves better.

Popular culture is a treasure that we must care for, respect and preserve. The institutional culture is essential and a fundamental pillar of our society and our way of life. Knowing our history, the history of humanity, in all senses (achievements, conflicts, epics, challenges, etc.) help us to know ourselves in a more precise way and to build a better world.

Serious games enhance learning by allowing the user to experience knowledge instead of memorizing it. Also purely entertaining games help to develop skills such as coordination, concentration, attention to detail, commitment, collaborative work, among others.