RPG Master Sound Mixer

From our passion for role-playing games, board games, tabletop games, storytelling and all forms of creative expression, the RPG Master Sounds Mixer app was born.
Sound board app with a spectacular collection of sounds, music and atmospheres, which is growing and growing every day. Have you ever imagined being able to incorporate magical and wonderful soundscapes into your own games and adventures? With RPG Master Sounds it is possible. You will have no limits. Wherever your sonic imagination wants to go, there RPG Master Sounds will accompany you.

Mix hundreds of sounds

Create your own ambients; organize your audio tracks creating Set; concatenate sounds and create fantastic sound sequences, music and atmospheres that will captivate and enrich your RPGs, board games and any adventure you like to enjoy alone or with your friends.

Imagine yourself at the controls of a easy-to-use but sophisticated app that will allow you to:
  • Access hundreds of sounds, music tracks and incredible atmospheres.
  • Mix sounds with each other, mix sounds and music, mix atmospheres with music, endless combinations and possibilities.
  • Create your own atmospheres from the collection of audios included in the app.
  • Concatenate in combos any sound, music and atmosphere, to play at any moment these audios sequences and to amaze all the participants of your games and sessions.
  • Mix combos with each other.
  • Simultaneously reproduce your personalized atmospheres with each other.
  • Organize your audio tracks in Sets.
  • As a player or as a game master, mark your favorite tracks and access them quickly.
  • Filter and / or agilely search for any sound at any time.

We need to hear your voice, your opinion, your experience.

We want to grow, improve and evolve, so that the RPG Master Sounds app becomes more and more useful, fun and easy to use. We can only do it with your help.

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Do you like D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder, The Call of Cthulhu, or any table top game?

RPG Master Sounds Mixer is an essential tool for the great masters of role plays, board games and live sessions.  And more, any self-respecting player, any high-level character, will enjoy the use of this app with all its features, highlighting its games and sessions at the highest level and intensity.

This app is more than a great audio mixer, it is more than an extraordinary addition to your games and adventures, it is a vital piece that will make your sessions the best and most vivid of all history.


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