Royal Knight Tiny Hero Legend

Embrace adventure and become the hero you've always dreamed of. Roam the gloomy and well-protected worlds of the Dark Lord. Fighting his minions and defeating his Lords.
The Holy Grail has disappeared from Camelot. Thousands of copies of the original Grail have been distributed and hidden in hundreds of locations. Collect them all to ensure you get the original back.

Help your kingdom recover the Holy Grail

You have weapons and skills at your disposal. Use them wisely and appropriately in every situation and for every enemy and obstacle.

You are able to jump, and even double jump to get higher. You can also jump and grab walls to climb by jumping from one wall to another.

We need to hear your voice, your opinion, your experience.

We want to grow, improve and evolve. We can only do it with your help.

The challenge is served. As a royal knight, you will bring Light to Darkness and illuminate a new and prosperous future.

You will be able to explore 4 different worlds: The Forest of the Cold Wind, The Caverns of the Eternal Echo, The Dungeons of Banishment, and finally, The Silent Castle, where souls cannot even scream.

In your hands you have everything you need: jump and run, higher and further. Use all your weapons, both your great sword and your accurate throwing daggers. And remember, you can improve your abilities and your weapons by collecting all the gems you find along the way.

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